Ken Jones | About

Hello, and thank you for visiting.

My wife and I moved to Pacific Grove at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula after my retirement in 2000. There's so much beauty here that even if I hadn't already caught the photo bug, I'd have become a photographer on our first morning here. My first photograph was taken with an Argus C-3, sometime in the '50s with the help of my grandfather. His passion for taking pictures rubbed off on me at an early age. 

My wife, Anne, is a constant encouragement and her vision and direction have to take credit for some of my better images. She won't admit it, but she's the real eye behind the camera in many cases.

My excitement in photography comes from its ability to suspend detail, allowing the viewer time to absorb and contemplate the beauty or the wonder of the image.

So, take some time now and browse. We hope you enjoy your stay.