Ken Jones | Norway: Skjolden/Sogenfjord & Bergin
Created 26-Aug-15
12 photos

Part of our 2015 two-week north sea adventure.
Lom Stave Church, Sogenfjord, Norway.Family farm, Sogenfjord, Norway.An abandoned wooden house, Skjolden, Norway.Happy Norwegian wanderers, Jofunheimen National Park, Sogenfjord, Norway.Hillside community, Sogenfjord, Norway.Tidy orchard on the banks of the fjord, Sogenfjord, Norway.One of hundreds of pounding waterfalls around Skjolden, Norway.Well kept compound, Sognefjord, Norway.Bergin, Norway from on high.A lovely lake in the center of Bergin.Bergin harbor in the rain.A busy street scene, Bergin, Norway.

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